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Booking Terms & Conditions

With these comprehensive Terms and Conditions, our services guarantee clear responsibilities and liabilities for both parties to ensure a secure experience.

By submitting the booking request form online, engaging with us on social media, making a phone call or sending an email to us, you signify your acceptance of our Booking Terms and Conditions as well as Payment Methods. This also serves as confirmation that those named in the Booking Request Form have authorized you to act for them in regard to all travel arrangements. As such we will refer herein after use 'Client' when referring collectively these persons who are travelling together.

All general and collateral agreements or special requests of the client must be recorded in a written form and are deemed to be officially agreed upon only after their being included in the booking confirmation and client invoice.

Reservation Deposit and Payment Terms

A 30% deposit is required to secure your reservation and the remaining of balance must be paid 21 days prior to arrival. For any last-minute reservations made within 21 days, 100% full payment must be made for immediate confirmation to the tour. Reservation for accommodation / tours / all other bookings can only be held for 3-5 days (unless otherwise stated) from the date of issue of client invoice.


Remaining payment reminder:

Before due date of remaining payment, our reservation team will send reminder via email OR call to the guest that liaise with us in 1st place. Failure to comply to payment due dates may result in an automatic cancellation of your reservation and the release of your accommodation, tours, all other bookings to others in the queue system without prior notice.

Mode of Payment

All prices are quoted in Ringgit Malaysia (MYR). We accept all payment either by Credit Cards (Visa/Master), Bank Transfer, Telegraphic Transfer (Singapore only).


In the event of cancellation after confirmation, a cancellation fee at 30% of the total amount will be imposed.

Any cancellation 21 days prior to arrival is subject to a 30% cancellation charges from total length of stay.

All cancellation need to be notified via email (written notice) by the guest. Shorten of stay are non-refundable and it’s not allowed for amendment.


Amendment of bookings after payment is made will be charged at a minimum of MYR 100.00 per service amendment, in addition to any charges as levied by the resorts, boat and land operators or any other service providers concerned. Amendment of bookings after payment is made requires valid proof (eg. medical letter, Covid test result, flight cancellation).

A transfer to another package less than 30 days prior to departure does not constitute an amendment but entails the cancellation of the original booking and is subject to the appropriate cancellation fees stated in the clause of "Cancellation Policy".

*Subject to the approvals by the Resorts, Boat, and Land’s operators


NO SHOW will incur 100% charge; it is Non-Refundable and Non-Transferable. No refund for unutilised Accommodation, Activities, Transportation including those resulting from delayed check-in or early check-out.


Cancellations made after the commencement of a tour will not be eligible for any kind of refund. This includes, but is not limited to transfers, meals and accommodations related services or any others activities that are left unused.

For cases where refunds apply, they will take up 90 - 120 working days to process and be credited back in the same way you paid it out initially.

Special Request will try the best to meet your special requests on meals, dietary requirements, connecting / adjoining rooms, bed configuration, simple room decoration, birthday cake / bouquet flower ordering and so on, please inform the reservations department during booking. However, such requests are strictly subject to confirmation and availability, also there will be additional charges impose for room decoration, bouquet flower and birthday cake ordering services.

Risk Management goes to great lengths to provide Clients with a comfortable journey. Unfortunately, certain areas of the destination may not have access to services and healthcare at their accustomed standard. “Remote island” (meaning far away from cities and places where most people live) can be some uncomfortable or unreliable experiences encountered such as power failure, limited food selection, insufficient water, satellite signal weak in remoter places. An essential part of any adventure tour is flexibility; even when plans are meticulously made, they can potentially go wrong along the way. At the core of each adventure tour is an appreciation for flexibility, as carefully laid-out plans can be subject to change without notice. While we endeavour to follow our outlined itinerary and mode of transport, there may occasionally arise unforeseen difficulties such as sickness or mechanical issues, strikes resulting from political disputes, flight cancellations or entry/border restrictions that require alternate means of travel according to the safety demands and best interests of our clients. Rest assured that in any such case we will adjust accordingly with you always at top priority. Despite our best intentions, the Company cannot guarantee that any changes we make will produce desired outcomes - but rest assured, considerable care is taken to ensure every alteration has a positive impact.

Land Transfer

To ensure your airport transfer is smooth and hassle-free, we kindly ask that you provide us with accurate arrival/departure flight details at the time of booking. Without this information, no arrangements can be made for transfers or refunds issued; however, our representative will meet and greet you in the Airport arrival hall (unless otherwise advised) holding a placard displaying your name. If for any reason you are unable to locate them or have been given different meeting instructions, please contact us using the number provided on your voucher before taking alternative steps. For all land transfers these shall be organised beforehand by our ground operator. To ensure a smooth departure, we suggest notifying the ground operator of any changes to your pickup time at least 24 hours before you leave. Please keep in mind that seat availability may be affected by such requests.

Boat Transfer are unable to be held responsible for traveller late arrive at Jetty causes unable to board the boat as per timing indicated at Confirmation voucher in email. All traveller are strongly advising to arrive early at the jetty/pier at least 30 minutes prior to boat depart time.

Limitation of Liabillity

At, we are unable to be held responsible for any loss, injury or damage to property or personal accidents, delays irregularities or the occurrence beyond our control. Therefore, all traveller must agree to carrying his own risk throughout each tour experience with us.

Insurance and Health

To ensure a safe and enjoyable adventure, we strongly recommend that all clients obtain comprehensive travel insurance for their trip. This policy should cover any potential contingencies such as personal accident, loss of baggage and delays due to external factors like acts of God or terrorism. We also advise travellers to undergo medical check-ups prior to commencing the tour; this is especially important if they have pre-existing health issues which could affect their ability to navigate difficult terrain safely. Vaccinations may also be necessary depending on where you are travelling - our team will happily provide advice in these cases.

Force Majeure shall be relieved of its obligations hereunder in the event and to the extend its performance of this agreement is delayed or prevented in whole or in part by any cause beyond its control including, without limitation, acts of God, change of laws, war, civil, unrest, fire, flood, earthquake or explosion, sale, nationalization or expropriation of the hotel, necessary and essential construction to the hotel, global pandemic and world lock down, seizure of the resort, land and boat operators under legal process, strikes, lockouts or work stoppages or any other circumstances beyond control of the hotel that makes impossible for the resort, land and boat operators to operate fully or partially.

Possible Changes

Despite our best efforts, cannot guarantee that your itinerary will remain unchanged due to the unpredictable nature of circumstances like inclement weather or other external factors. In these cases, we generally make arrangements of similar standard without offering a refund - although this is subject to changes related to issues such as currency fluctuations and government taxes, which could cause prices quoted on our website at time of publication vary from those during booking

Confidential guarantees the security and confidentiality of every client's information. We limit collection and usage to a minimum, ensuring data integrity at all times. Our commitment is clear; we will never divulge personal details without prior consent nor use it for anything but delivering marketing materials related to our services.

Client Comments

Submit any feedback relating to an issue or complaint with the required evidence within seven days after your return, and rest assured we will carefully review it.

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