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Sultan Iskandar Marine Park

The Marine Park is designated as an area of sea extending up to two (2) nautical miles from the lowest sea level datum. Established to protect and conserve the diversity of marine habitats and life, the Marine Park prohibits all activities damaging coral reefs and marine ecosystems, punishable under the Fisheries Act 1985. Today, waters surrounding 42 islands in Malaysia have been gazetted as Marine Parks.


Nestled off the southeastern coast of Peninsular Malaysia, the Seribuat archipelago entices with its picturesque sandy beaches and pristine waters, protected within the Sultan Iskandar Marine Park located in Johor's waters near Mersing. Comprising 42 islands spread across five clusters like Tinggi Island and Sibu Island, these paradises are just a short boat ride away from the mainland. Once home to local Malay fishing communities and once frequented by notorious pirates, today, these islands offer a blend of traditional charm and modern comforts, boasting guest houses and beach resorts catering to both local and foreign visitors. While the allure of sun-soaked beaches and water sports captivates many, the underwater world reveals vibrant coral reefs teeming with diverse marine life, inviting exploration and deep-sea fishing adventures for the adventurous angler. With its rich ecological diversity and geological marvels, including 248-million-year-old volcanic rock formations on Sibu Island, these islands stand as a testament to Malaysia's natural wonders, forming an integral part of the Mersing Geopark.

Prohibited Activities

The Marine Park is a marine protected area where activities that can damage coral reefs and their ecosystems are strictly prohibited and punishable under the Fisheries Act 1985. These activities include:

  1. Taking, capturing, or disturbing any marine resources, whether living or dead.

  2. Engaging in any type of water sports activities using high-powered boats.

  3. Anchoring in coral reef areas.

  4. Stepping on or touching coral reefs.

  5. Disposing or depositing any pollutants.

  6. Possessing or using any fishing gear.

  7. Constructing any structures in the waters of the Marine Park.

  8. Engaging in diving or snorkeling activities in boat lanes.

  9. Stepping on or touching coral reefs.

Activity Allowed

While within the Marine Park area, only activities that do not harm the coral reefs and their surroundings are permitted. These activities include:

  1. Diving

  2. Snorkeling

  3. Underwater photography

  4. Water recreational activities such as kayaking

Conservation Charge & Fee Rates

Visitors to Marine Parks Malaysia are required to pay a Conservation Charge. This is in-line with Fees Act 1951, Fees (Marine Parks Malaysia) Order 2017. Proceeds from the collection are government revenue put into the Marine Parks and Marine Reserves Trust Fund which will be used for the purpose of management and maintenance of Marine Parks to provide facilities and comfort to visitors. Rates and categories are as follows:

Conservation fee payments can be made when you are at the jetty before entering the island.

Exemption is given to all residents residing on islands surrounded by Marine Parks.

Fee Rates
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